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Words of appreciation

Hello Don and Viola,

 I would like to acknowledge and thank you     for your help in the interview process.  I now feel properly equipped with the skills to tackle this life altering moment of my life...

I now have a complete picture of the interviewing process - an a good feel for it as well, thanks to your time and effort.


Adrian Sun
Words of appreciation...

Dear Don & Viola

I can't thank you enough for coaching me for my first interview. As a high school student, making a great first impression in the real world can be very difficult due to my lack of experience in knowing what people look for...

With your help and guidance in the mock interview, I learned new skills on how to present myself, and how to be organized and concise in my answers. By taking your advice I was accepted into a prestigious position competing against 200 applicants with only 40 positions available.

Thank you so much for helping me in excelling.

J. Castro

Annually, the Women’s Ministry at Maranatha Community Church sponsors a mentorship for young ladies ranging in ages from 12-18. Don and Viola conducted an excellent job Search Workshop for these young ladies. In my opinion, their presentation style helped the young ladies feel comfortable and they were very interested in the aspects of seeking a position that were covered by Don and Viola.

Attila Morgan
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The job coaching I received from Mr. and Mrs. Wilkes was invaluable. The one-on-one coaching was an experience that I will use for any job in my career. I learned about the importance of body language, communication, poise and confidence. I learned what to bring on an interview, how to dress and how to research a company on the internet. I learned how to take a weakness and turn it into strength. Having never interviewed and having no real job before, I felt so inept but with their coaching I learned the skills to shine as a candidate. In fact, with my first interview, I landed the job. Don’t be just another applicant, make your first impression count and get coached to learn how to master the interview process. 
Thank you so much! I could have never done it without you. 
-Alex Castro

Being a recent college graduate with little work experience, one of my greatest tools I have to impress my employers with is my interview skills. Wilkes Solutions not only improved my interview skills, and resume layout but provided me with knowledge I can use in my career and even life to guide me on the road to success. In my opinion, the earlier you utilize their services the better chance you will have to flourish in your profession.
Jabari Butler